by Mirrors&Tides

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This album is dedicated to those who struggle with depression, suicide, hopelessness and mental illness.


released August 8, 2013

Everyone who helped make this ep happen, whether through influencing the content and composition, supporting us as musicians and individuals or as a band, and/or any other kind of support, we thank you.



all rights reserved


Mirrors&Tides Cambridge, Ontario

We don't care if you know our names or remember our faces, we want you to know there is always purpose and hope in life.

We write about life | Have a Listen

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Track Name: Misery Loves Miserable Company
I’m so inconsistent
I can blame hell for this
I can blame hell for this and love will be the forgotten essential

My right scribbles the diagnosis while my left chokes air out from my throat
I've always feared change, but I welcomed it
Every single thread of me has evaporated

A brood of vipers hunt any excess of forgiveness found within my veins
Unrelenting, they poison every inch of me, and I invite the toxins
I’m so addicted, I’m so addicted to their needle sharp teeth

I’ve dived to these depths before
This cold is second nature, it’s so familiar
You've woven an intricate cocoon of lies
For what love has been shown to prove you’ve been forgiven?

You've tasted it
And it's flesh keeps you coming back for more

Hatred is your hell on earth
Nothing satisfies it's thirst
Nothing remedies its hurt

I’ve become the snakes that bound me
Now like the scales that clothe my skeleton my bitterness grips my heart

Always so bitter
Always angry, never satisfied

It’s funny because the ones we always turn to, are the ones we always turn on
And it’s funny because the One we always turn to, is the One we always turn on

Fight the rising sun
Fight the dimming stars
Track Name: Some Of You Are Corpses; If Not You're Asleep
I don't know how they think I can amount to such a thing
I've been living in between borders for so long
How haven't they seen it?
Their eyes keep a steady hold on me

I have gotten so lost in what they think is right
And my character bears the only blemish

A direction will rise
Through the downpour

And this is the outcome of my absence
Where do we stray?
Why does it always come down to this?
Apathy has me trapped within sleepless sheets

Roll back my eyes and breathe again

What a feeble attempt of faith
A direction will rise through these waves

(Open your eyes to a flickering light
And let their words fill your lungs)

A direction will rise through these waves
My thoughts are overwhelming
And their heads keep shaking

Swallow your bitterness, your guilt and press on man
A direction will rise, through these waves
Track Name: Sleeping Skeptic
As per tradition: shed tears from the cellars of your sadness
Fasten the casket that contains your memories, your fears
Lay it to rest deep inside, only to crawl about under the scales of your mind

But they’re right, I’m a skeptic by nature
And I’m sure in time it will spread like a cancer

Gnawing at my hope, scorching my sanity

How do they always find me?
I know these demons by name and they’ve memorized mine

Oh God, I know they abhor my name and chastise my ways,
But, even a broken clock is right twice a day

Life is nothing but a purpose-built sepulcher

I’ll abandon the clock, just as one forgets its endless ticking,
I’ve sewn my ankles to the shoreline
But, when their hands pierce through the surface I’ll walk away
I need to let those sailors suffocate

Lift me up
Some day I’ll look back through a different lens
And I'll remember how the waves crashed over their lifeless flesh
Lift me up, I won’t let go

We are all destined to die, and we all think we’ll welcome it
Track Name: For King and Country
We sealed everything with our minds and our hands, and they’ve done nothing to save us
The kingdom walls will remain unchanged without the writing in of our names
The only certainty is a requiem, a sad song to sing before a burial

We march away our lives-guided alone by spider web and candlelight

I put myself here, I made those promises I knew I’d never keep
And my self-appointed crown sets like talons reopening old self-inflicted wounds

I sat on this throne
This palace is mine
And there’s no telling if I’ll make it out dead or alive

But this earth as my witness, I’ll press on through the fray
I’ll remember the hope beyond these burning flags
Because sometimes hollowness fills even the saints
And hopelessness is a pebble on the path we all have to travel
So I won’t abandon my purpose, escape is a choice to make

Oh God, take this heart from my hands, I don’t want to be a cannibal anymore

This isn't the end
No it's the start of my grievance
Weeds and worms won’t profit more from my life than I will

You can take your possessions, your accomplishments to the grave
I’ll rot in peace